Friday, April 23, 2010

chelsea theme cupcake

Chelsea chocolate cupcake ordered by Zana for her beloved hubby on his birthday.

thanks Zana for the order.hope u guys enjoy it

carrot cake

ordered by my classmate for her brother's birthday but actually she's the one who want the carrot cake so much.the birthday was just an excuse. it's a bit messy because the order was made less than 24 hrs so sorry kak has..but i hope the taste is good

pretty roses on top

carrot grated on top

before decoration, top with cream cheese

egg tart in the house

100 pcs of golden egg tart ordered by a repeating customer, pn shima for her sister's wedding for hantaran & doorgiftas a hantaran to the bride

pack separately as a doorgift to the guest

thanx puan shima & family, hope u guys enjoy it

Friday, April 16, 2010

birthday cake

it's my lil bros's bday so 1 of them requested foa a cake to bring back to his they're...chocolate cupcake with strawberry chips topped with fresh cream & chocolate molten.specially made for 2 little brothers(who are not so little anymore). luv u !!! & happy birthday

Monday, April 5, 2010

marshmellow cupcakes

ordered by hadi.chocolate marshmellow cupcakes with Hairkunst theme color

thanx to hadi.hope u'll enjoy the cuppies ♥♥

Smiley cuppies

2 sets of oreo cheesecake cuppies ordered by cikgu zura which also my high school buddies for her daughter's birthday. so here there are..the students, the prefects, the headmasters, the teachers plus the librarians.

thanx to cikgu zura for the order.hope ur students & ur daughters love it ♥♥

birthday cake

a birthday cake for my feveret boy, Aidan Basil. he's 1 this year so his mother requested a chocolate cake with buttercream topping on his 1st birthday ever.Happy Birthday Basil

Thanx to Manja aka mancet for the order.hope u guys enjoy it ♥♥

Kek Upin Ipin

ordered by a friend shima aka comot for her son's birthday.Upin Ipin theme is requested for this Moist Chocolate Cake with ganache topping & extra chocolate rice all around the cake. Happy birthday Shafiq.sorry aunty x datang ur party

thanx to comot for this order. hope u guys enjoy the cake ♥♥

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